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IJKA UK Memorial Seminar 2021

IJKA UK held a Memorial Seminar for their late Chief Instructor Kato Shihan on the weekend of 24 /25 July 2021 at the Goodwill Hall, Faddiley, Nantwich, Cheshire.
This was also IJKA UK’s inaugural seminar and mainly invitation only for the senior IJKA UK karateka that had followed Kato Shihan for many years. The weekend was chosen being the closest to Kato Shihan’s birth date of 22 July.

This was the first chance for IJKA senior karateka to meet in person since the sad passing of Kato Shihan on 16 April 2020.
Instruction on the seminar was conducted by Keith Crighton 7th Dan IJKA ~ IJKA UK Chief Instructor, along with assistant instructors ~
Billy Thomsom 7th Dan IJKA
Peter Custance 7th Dan IJKA
Paul Kotowski 6th Dan IJKA
Alex Carroll 6th Dan IJKA

Kato Shihan’s karate is in safe hands and the attendees were treated to a master class of instruction over the two days.

IJKA UK extents its gratitude and thanks to Paul Kotowski for hosting and organising a superb event in a wonderful location. Those thanks must be extended to his team of helpers that provided catering, administration and taxi services etc throughout the weekend…..Domo Arigato.
IJKA UK look forward to the next seminar that will be open to all IJKA UK karateka.

A few photos of the weekend ~

Letter from Utsumi Takato ~ IJKA International Chief Instructor
The Venue
The Venue
The Venue
England and Scotland
The Dojo
In memorium
The seminar host and organiser
The IJKA UK Chief Instructor and seminar host
Scotland ~ Keith Crighton, Billy Thomsom, England ~ Steve Cameron, Sharad Karia
Scotland ~ Alex Carroll, Wales ~ Peter Custance
Some of the attendees
IJKA UK Secretary and Treasurer
Relaxing after training
Some of the catering staff at Goodwill Hall
Meal at ‘The Peacock’ Public House on Saturday evening
Meal at ‘The Peacock’ Public House on Saturday evening
Friends of old
The new Association
DOMO ARIGATO Sensei for all you have given us……….The journey continues……….OSS

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