International Japan Karate Association – United Kingdom

The IJKA UK is a karate association with a unique lineage and rich history. Our roots go back to 1966 when the Japan Karate Association (JKA) sent the late Kato Shihan to teach in England.

The Shotokan world has seen a handful of truly gifted Sensei since it’s founding by Gichin Funakoshi. His successor Nakayama Sensei brought body mechanics to the fore during his time as Chief Instructor of the JKA. Likewise, one of Nakayama Sensei’s gifted students, Sadashige Kato was always leading by example and encouragement to fear no one, never afraid to follow his own Do and was not content to leave Shotokan karate untouched by progress.

IJKA UK Seminar, Worcester 2019

Kato Shihan’s Do (way) allowed him to acquire knowledge from the great karate masters of the day namely Nakayama Sensei, Kase Sensei, Kanazawa Sensei, Enoeda Sensei and Asai Sensei. Kato Sensei took that knowledge and added his unique style, senses and intellect in order to move the boundaries of Shotokan karate to new limits, culminating with his International Japan Karate Association (IJKA), during his 54 years of being resident in the UK, the rest of his life.

The UK is therefore the spiritual home of Kato Shihan’s unique karate style, a fact endorsed by the number of 7th Dan karateka amongst IJKA UK’s ranks, all of whom were graded by Kato Shihan 10th Dan IJKA World Chief Instructor.

Utsumi Takato Sensei
Utsumi Takato Sensei

IJKA UK is affiliated to IJKA International, which is now headed by Utsumi Takato Sensei in Japan following the sad passing of Kato Shihan in April 2020.