Welcome to IJKA UK

Chief Instructor

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the International Japan Karate Association – United Kingdom (IJKA UK).

IJKA UK …. New Association …. Old roots …. as the UK is the spiritual home to the late Kato Shihan’s unique Shotokan karate style.

Now that you’ve found us, please take time to see what IJKA UK is all About but like the karate in Kato Shihan’s dojo, you may find the IJKA UK‘s website has evolved next time you visit.
Also for the very latest IJKA UK news check out the Association Blog

That constant evolution kept me coming back for more knowledge as Kato Shihan 10th Dan was my Sensei for 50 years.
Yours in Karate-Do.
Keith Crighton 7th Dan IJKA ~ IJKA UK Chief Instructor